Best Online Poker Site 2022 – Sol Casino

Sol Casino is one of the most popular platforms for safe and secure poker sessions. Here, newcomers can take advantage of various deposit promotions that can raise their gaming experience. Also, the project keeps regular users entertained with exciting tournaments they can take part in.

How to Play Online Poker

If you decide to play for free, then you can simply visit the “Table games” section of the casino gambling website, specify the “Poker” option, and choose from available titles. However, if you decide to find out how lucky you are and get valuable cash prizes, then you should stick to the following simple steps.

  1. Go to the official website, pass the registration process, and create a private account.
  2. Verify your data to become a full member of Sol Casino. If you face any issues at this stage, you should contact the support team, visit the FAQ section, check video guides, etc. There you can learn more about the project’s available limits, highest odds, withdrawals, etc.
  3. Now, you can sign in to your account and replenish your wallet with the minimum required deposit via any of the available payment methods.
  4. As a registered user, go to the “Table games” section and pick the “Poker” option. Here, you can use filters or input a certain entertainment name in the search box to navigate among poker variants.

Now, you can launch the selected game and place your first bet. Then, the dealer burns the session’s first card, places a river card in the center of the table, and deals two more. Then, with every round, you should place a bet.

There are also flop cards you can use to put together a hitting hand. Completing the second round, you can explore your turn card. After uncovering the river card, you can decide whether you want to continue betting. Also, you can fold or call.

Online Poker Hand Rankings

Online poker at Sol Casino requires you to be acquainted with the game’s different ranks. There are a lot of them, but the most common are described in the table below.

Ranks Description
Four-of-a-kind Here you need to collect 4 cards of the same value.
Two pairs This rank is about four cards that come in pairs of the same value.
Straight In this case, you need to get five cards, each having a different suit. They must come in a particular consequence.
Royal Flush This is the most valuable combination that includes all high cards with an identical suit.
Two-of-a-kind Similar to the first option, but with two cards.

Online Poker Rules

Depending on the game variation, there are different rules. But the main principles are always the same:

  1. The Sol Casino system shuffles the deck before dealing.
  2. There are two main situations you may face during every session: when you do not need a “hand” and when you increase the amount of your wager.
  3. You win if you manage to collect one of the hitting combinations in your hand at the end of the round.
  4. A playing table becomes clear from bets before the next session starts.

Online Poker FAQ

How secure is this game?

This is a 100% safe title if you launch it at this certified casino with integrated random generators. Also, you should always select licensed providers with clear game “Terms and Conditions.”

Does this game require special skills?

This entertainment is a mix of luck and skills. Even though you never know what card will be dealt next, you can use some strategies to boost your chances, for example, Martingale or D’Alembert’s.

Can gamblers enjoy poker with people they know?

Yes, you can invite your friends to take part in great Sol Casino real money tournaments or just play for fun virtually.

What does the “Donkey” mean?

The “Donkey” term applies to players who constantly fail with their bets. Sometimes you may face its shorter “donk” variation.

What game mode to choose: demo or real?

If you are a newbie, then it’s better to start playing without paying real money to learn more about the game’s specifics. After getting some demo experience, you can switch to placing stakes with your gaming funds.

What is the best poker combination?

The most valuable hand you can collect is a Flush Royal. It consists of all high cards and “10” of the same suit.

How can I withdraw winnings?

Playing at Sol Casino, you can select the most suitable option from the brand’s list of available payment gateways to cash out your winnings in cryptocurrency tokens or fiat money.